Advisor, NCET/Nagarjuna Group of Institutions
Project Director, 75 Students’ Satellites Consortium: Mission 2022
Member Secretary, 75 Satellites-Project Management Committee, ISRO-HQ
Secretary General, Indian Technology Congress Association
Secretary General, University Space Engineering Consortium-India
Founder, World CanSat/Rocketry Consortium/Championship and
Mentor Students’ Start-up: TSC Technologies P Ltd


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R&D Awards and Honours: International R&D Collaborations of NCET

R&D Facilities at NCET

  1. Seven University Approved Research Centres under VTU for PhD/MSc Engg. (By Research) :
  2. Those who are interested to pursue MSc (Engineering) By Research or PhD in Engineering/Technology/Management/ Physics/Chemistry etc can contact the respective Departments directly.
  3. R&D Cell organizes various Research Activities and Knowledge Conferences.
  4. Vibrant NCET-KSCST IPR Cell is Assisting Patents Filing by Students and Faculty Members.
  5. The Institution Innovation Council (IIC) promotes Innovation as a Culture at NCET.
  6. Each Department has a Research Coordinator.
  7. High Bandwidth (200mbps) Internet Connectivity & Wi-Fi Facility @ NCET .
  8. 20% of the Institution's Budget is Allocated Towards Supporting Research Activities.
  9. Nagarjuna Satellite Ground Station and SpaceTech Innovation Lab.
  10. Industry Sponsored Nano Satellite Centre.
  11. HAM Radio Club.
  12. Competent Senior Faculty Members act as Research Mentors for Junior Faculty Members.
  13. Centre for Intelligent Imaging Solutions and Motion Capture.
  14. Centre for Edufotainment on Wheels.
  15. Design Studio and Product Development Centre.
  16. Technology Business Incubation Centre.
  17. Centre for Innovations, Creativity and IPR.
  18. Centre for Digital Learning Resources.
  19. Society for the Promotion of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (SPICE Club)

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