Two Days online workshop on "DEEP LEARNING"

Department of Information Science and Engineering & Department of Computer Science and Engineering is Organising Two Days online workshop on "DEEP LEARNING" on 25/05/2020 & 26/05/2020 for Engineering Students

The topics covered are

Day1: About Machine Learning

Day2: Deep Learning

Resource Person:
Dr Geetishree Mishra
Assistant Professor,
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
BMS College of Engg, Bangalore.

Also she has over 7 years of industry experience in integrating and testing C-DOT digital switching systems and over a year of experience in validating server management software at INTEL India, Bangalore.

Organizing committee

  • Prof.Sushma A, ISE
  • Prof.Sudhakar Reddy M, CSE
  • Mr. Venkatanath Koushik,ISE